"Without a doubt the highlight of our Summer Events Calendar"

- The National Trust

Welcome to Histrionics, the Historical Entertainment Company that combines authenticity and live performance with comedy, drama and fact.


Our professionals are experts in creating exhilarating events and interactive stories that are exciting, adaptable and tailor-made to suit your needs.


Histrionics' signature shows have been produced for The BBC,

ITV, The National Trust, The Royal Armouries, 

The National Railway Museum and a wealth of other 

heritage sites and museums across the UK.

We also work with local councils and educational initiatives to create livley history workshops in schools from Newcastle to Bournemouth.

Our actors and re-enactors have also brought the drama of history to promotional events, press launches and multimedia projects.


For whatever piece of the past you want to explore we'll bring

all the history, excitement and adventure you'll ever need.



For more detailed information on the types of audiences we cater for click on either our Performance, Education or Film and Promotion Pages.

Up to the minute information on all our events

and where to find us next can be found on our

 Twitter and Facebook feeds.


"Fantastic entertainment"


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