"The most knowledgeable and entertaining performers we have ever worked with."  - The Sealed Knot

Dramatically enhance heritage sites, museum galleries and corporate events with a host of incredible characters from across the ages.

Our actors and fight-masters have performed at public and private functions, earning a reputation for combining historical knowledge with dynamic performance skills to create unforgettable historical entertainment.


Below you'll find a list of all our performances and stage combat routines.

If there's a subject or historical figure not on the list, feel free to

contact us as we provide many commissions for our varied clients.


'IRON MEN' - Knights fight in Tournament Duel

'CAT AND MOUSE' - Suffragette Ju-jitsu stage fight

'TRIAL BY SWORD' - Man VS Woman Mediveal fight routine

'BATTLES OF THE BARD' - Stage Combat from Shakespeare



The Siege of Troy

The Romans in Britain

Anglo-Saxon Battles for England

Viking Myths and Legend

The Norman Invasion

The Crusades

The Magna Carta

The Peasant's Revolt

The Lambton Worm

The Hundred Years War

St George & The Dragon

The Wars of the Roses

The Tudors

Shakespeare's Plays

The Gunpowder Plot

The English Civil War

The Great Fire of London

The Golden Age of Pirates

The Regency Era

The Napoleonic Wars

Dickensian Tales

The Rainhill Trials

Victorian Policemen

Sherlock Holmes

Charles Waterton


The Titanic

The First World War

The Second World War


"How amazing! You've delighted crowds and brought fun and magic to the heart of our event!" - Tatton Park, Cheshire.

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