"Without a doubt the highlight of our events calendar."

 - The National Trust

Performance History at it's best. Live theatre, stage combat, storytelling, promotions, event design and interactive history.

Ongoing Projects

Past Lives

Bespoke history theatre for all! Plays, interactive storytelling and scripted first hand accounts seemlessly blend comedy with authentic performance. Perfect pop-up history for museums & visitor attractions.

Grand Tours

Add extra adventure and family fun to a guided tour with characters from  history leading the way. Scripts are meticulously researched and performances are immersive, educational and entertaining.


Having over 15 years of experience in the business of the past, we offer first class, professional advice and scripted direction on event narratives, audience engagement and the training of on-site staff. 

Stage Combat

Swordfighting Shakespeare, perilous pirates and women warriors. Histrionics' highly experienced fight-masters mix spectacular action with history to create entertainment for drinks receptions and musuem galleries.

"Compelling, believable and utterly committed. Priceless!"   - Rebellion Publishing

Storytelling Snapshot

A selection of our most popular performances.

Iron Men

Men-at-Arms meet in stunning tournament competition. Watch our armoured Knights duel it out in a show full of 15th century fight moves and detailed information on Trials by Combat.

Below Stairs

Interactive stories of servants lives, specifically crafted for Stately Homes and National Trust Properties. Tours or Shows are researched, written and passionately performed.


Head of Emmeline Pankhurst's bodyguard, Edith Garuud, teaches self defence techniques, Edwardian stick fighting and ju-jitsu in an astonshing true life tale of fighting for women's rights.

Our Men in the North

Taken from the accounts and memoirs of real soldiers, these performance pieces paint a terrifying and yet moving picture of serving in the army during The Great War.

Battles of The Bard

"Once more into the breach, dear friends.." Histrionics' Performance Historians shed light on the fights in Shakespeare's plays by re-enacting them with reproduction arms and armour.

Knight School

Perfect for open-air sites, castles and heritage centres. Our actors train would be warriors in the art of etiquette, battle and manners; as well as imparting inspirational interactive advice.

Rising Son

The first Englishman to become a Samurai, William Adams speaks about his adventures across the globe and his new life in 17th centruy feudal Japan. Ideal for Museums & Conferences alike.


Pirates aplenty! An adapatble performance package that can include swashbuckling sword-fights, dramatic shows and myth-busting presentations of scurvy knaves through the ages.

"How amazing! You've delighted crowds and brought fun and magic to the heart of our event!" - Tatton Park, Cheshire.

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