Clients and partners; all part of the chain in Histrionics' retinue.

The National Trust



Preserving natural and historic landscapes for everyone to enjoy, whether it's family days out or relaxing walks amidst beautiful surroundings.

Histrionics perform in particular at three sites in the North West of the UK.

Tatton Park, Dunham Massey and Lyme Park have received special tailor-made story-telling and immersive theatrical pieces from us over the years.




The UK's leading sustainable travel organisation Modeshift supports many local communities across Great Britain and Ireland; enabling people to travel more actively, safely and independently. 

The Modeshift STARS scheme further

recognises and awards best practice in the delivery of schools travel plans.





PWLC Projects



From small parks to large scale street enhancements, PWLC Projects implement

high-profile public space regeneration with a focus on improving the lives of

communities across the UK. They have worked especially closely with Histrionics

on travel planning and health and environment programmes; such as

improving air quality.






Wakefield Museums Group



A four-site conglomorate that consists of Wakefield, Castleford and Pontefract Museums; as well as Pontefract Castle. These superb heritage sites bring history to life through incredible artifacts, talks, themed galleries and interactive storyteling and handling sessions form Histrionics






The National Firearms Centre



The NFC are the custodians of the national collection of firearms, applying unique knowledge and expertise to a variety of Government Departments as well as the MOD and the Police.








The Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Foote



From the battlefield to the hearth, this highly professional Sealed Knot re-enactment group brings the world of the 17th century English Civil War vividly to life.

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