Clients, partners, friends and suppliers; all part of the chain in the HISTRIONICS' retinue.

The Costume Temple

The vast majority of HISTRIONICS' wardrobe comes direct and custom made from this incredible supplier of historical and alternative costume. Hand made and highly researched, these garments have historical accuracy, quality and satisfaction guaranteed.


Tel: 07713359563


The Arms & Armour Research Institute

A team of academics selected for their expertise in History, Archaeology and Forensic and Material Science. Led by the Reverend Paul Wilcock the Institute fosters high quality collaborative research, focusing on the discovery and analysis of historical arms and armour; utilising cutting edge science and technology.


Modeshift provides support for those working with children, schools and local communities; enabling young people to travel more actively, safely and independently.

Royal Armouries International PLC

Conferences, banquets and parties with an edge. RAI offer exclusive events and corporate functions in a unique environment, surrounded by the stunning collection at The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds.

MEGA Motion

Encouraging young people and families to get active and lead healthier lifestyles for sixty active minutes a week, by leaving the car at home and walking to school. MEGA Fridays also welcome a whole host of characters for special assemblies in Darlington and Durham. Sign up today!

Living Streets

A national charity that works with pedestrians of all ages to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets where it's fun to walk.

The National Firearms Centre

The NFC are the custodians of the national collection of firearms, applying unique knowledge and expertise to a variety of Government Departments as well as the MOD and the Police.

Abaddon Books

Abaddon Books are dedicated to publishing fast paced, high quality stories from a universe of unusual world histories, not unlike out own. Viking zombies, dark knights, swashbuckling steampunk and alien armies in the First World War are all part of an ever growing and gruesome pantheon.

The Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Foote

From the battlefield to the hearth, this highly professional Sealed Knot re-enactment group brings the world of the 17th century English Civil War vividly to life.

West Yorkshire Police

Serving roughly 2.2 million people West Yorkshire Police are the 4th largest force in the country. With approximately 4,000 support staff, including many Police Community Support officers helping to bring people together.

Stories Alive!

Eden Ballantyne performs as a variety of historical characters. He is based in Leeds, but travels throughout Yorkshire and further afield delivering fun and entertainment in an assortment of guises.

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