"The way that Histrionics weave the travel to school message into famous stories from history is ingenious. A totally unique and exceptional brand of entertainment." - Nick Butler, Modeshift

We're Back!

Modeshift Partners Histrionics return to the Modeshift Annual Convention in Leicester to showcase our wares and host the National Sustainable Travel Awards! 

Who Are We?

Professional Actors, Educators and Performers who have been creating Active Travel Shows and Clean Air Events across the UK for over a decade.

What We Do.

Using our exclusive 'Live Action History' style we transform the past into family-friendly, interactive performances where the audience are the stars.

Do Go On...

Engaging and immersive performances create memorable, shared experience, that affects long-term, positive behavioural change in Sustainable Travel.


Award Winning

We created the content for ''Transition Time', Modeshift 2020 Best Project under £1000 Winners Hants Council.

Modeshift STARS

Histrionics host  and create content for Regional Modeshift STARS Awards for Team Modeshift, every year!

School Streets

Characters and interactive assembly shows for street closures. The history of Clean Air Campaigns across the globe!

Step Back in Time

Knights, Vikings, Inventors and Adventurers perform stories of heroic, healthy lifestyles to encourage active travel.

Video Shows

On-screen storytelling written, performed and edited by Histrionics to continually inspire school pupils to travel actively!

Historic Walks

An event for Cambridgeshire County Council in 2019, that won Modeshift's 'Contribution to Sustainable Travel' Award.

National Awards

Histrionics have been proud to compere the National Modeshift STARS awards at The Houses of Parliament for the last 5 years

Local Events

Heroes from History bring the fun and facts to community events, local award schemes and regional travel initiatives.



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