"If you take a look at one thing today, please do make it this. Superb storytelling!"

- Louise Bragan, Wakefield Museum Group

Online content, digital resources and video promotion all get the Histrionics treatment.

Ongoing Projects

History at Home

In 2020 Histrionics created our YouTube Channel 'History at Home'. A free resource of over 25 free performance and interactive storytelling videos for schoolchildren, teachers and lovers of all things history.

Resource Creation

Whether you want recorded video for a museum programme or interactive performances for a HLF refurbishment, Histrionics can help. Lending our comedic, lively brand of entertainment to your project.

Promo Shows

Advertising or marketing a new initiative can be dautning, so let Histrionics take the weight from your shoulders. Inspiring characters from the past promote  events, festivals, celebrations and national competitions.

Media Support

Need historical extras for a commercial? Require expertise or advice on a film script? Or what about a voice over for a historical documentary or a stream host? The possibilities with the past and our expertise are endless.

History at Home is Live!

We now have a new YouTube channel entitled 'History at Home'.

A FREE resource of storytelling history fun times for schools, teachers and fans of the past!

History at Home

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