"The best we've ever seen. The audience were captivated."

 - The Royal Armouries Museum

Breathtaking, historical stage combat routines, especially crafted for accuracy and entertainment. 

Choose from our existing fights or have something new especially made for you.

Iron Men

Two Knights in over 4 four stone of shining steel battle it out in a stunning tournament duel.

Guaranteed to steel the show!


The Suffragette Bodyguard gather in secret, to teach Edwardian self-defence, stick fighting and ju-jitsu techniques.

Trial by Sword

A challenge to a medieval 'trial by combat' is given a dramatic twist as a swordsman steps into the ring to fight a woman...

The Tournament

Knights errant and their able squire fight for the applause of dinner guests, before posing for pictures afterwards.

Wedding Knights

Armoured warriors duel on the dancefloor, for the honour of the bride and for the cheering of the wedding guests. 

Arm Yourselves

Experienced and able Men-at-Arms discuss a range of arms and armour while fight-demonstrating their techniques.

The Bards Battles

Histrionics' experienced fightmasters showcase stunning scenes of swordfights from Shakespeare's plays.


Pirates a plenty! Swashbuckling scurvy knaves mythbust the movie pirate stereotype.

Beards optional...

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"How amazing! You've delighted crowds and

brought fun and magic to the heart of our

event!" - Tatton Park, Cheshire.

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