Histrionics are back at the Modeshift Convention for 2022 in Leicester!

We're a little bit busier than last year too, as we'll be presenting on Day One with Air Aware Staffordfshire; as well as our usual hosting of the evening's Travel Awards and exhibiting during both days.



But what does Interactive History have to do with Active and Sustainable Travel?

And why should you be hiring Histrionics immediately, right now?




Two and a half thousand years ago Ancient Greek Physician Hippokrates was one of the first individuals in history to therorise that 'bad-air' or miasma could cause people to be sick. He was also a great advocate of regular exercise and good diet.



500 years after Hippokrates, the Ancient Romans were the first recorded civilisation to make Clean Air Laws official. One great proponent of these had been a catapult engineer in the army of Julius Caesar.



In 1666 Samuel Pepys and fellow diarist John Evelyn petitioned the King to build more parks and plant more trees in London when rebuilding after the Great Fire. They wanted more places to walk and breathe in fresh, clean air.



And Octavia Hill, London landlady and property owner, was so outraged at the lack of open space for exercise and leisure for her tenants, that she established The National Trust in the 19th century. 


These are just a few examples of our award-winning shows and workshops that have toured the U.K. as part of national projects like Local Motion Darlington, My Journey Hampshire, Schools Go Smarter, Doncaster Get Active and Hiking with a Viking in Staffordshire.

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"Histrionics provided the most wonderful display and with such good humour that it made our event. These guys are brilliant! "

- Concrete Solutions



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