Make a Present of the Past
Make a Present of the Past

"Fantastic entertainment"


Welcome to Histrionics!


Make a Present of the Past with our enthralling and exciting heritage events. We bring history to life using humour, drama and fact; creating immersive, lively history performances that are loved by museums, attractions, schools and promotional companies across Britain.


Histrionics' unique brand of theatre has been entertaining audiences of all ages for almost a decade to great reviews. Our team of experienced actors and fight choreographers creating tailor-made plays, stories and stage combat routines with meticulous research and skill.

For whatever piece of the past you'd like to explore we'll provide all the history and adventure you'll ever need.



Duelling knights, noble Samurai

and soldiers from the front line. Histrionics Events bring drama

and entertainment to all 


School history workshops, topic launches, talks and award winning sustainable transport initiatives across the UK



Film and television work, presenting, promotions and volunteer training.

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