Make a Present of the Past
Make a Present of the Past

"Fantastic entertainment"


Welcome to Histrionics!

Our trademark interactive shows bring history to life with a unique combination of energy, humour, drama and fact. 

They are ideal for museums and heritage sites as well as schools, festivals, conferences and visitor attractions.

Histrionics' team adapt our material to suit any event, any time. We employ actors, writers, presenters and fight choregraphers to create immersive performances for audiences of all ages. 

Our award-winning products have been produced nationwide for clients including The BBC, ITV, Modeshift and The National Trust.

For whatever piece of the past you'd like to explore we'll provide All the History, excitement and adventure you'll ever need.



Duelling knights, noble Samurai and soldiers from the front line...

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School history workshops, topic launches, talks and award winning sustainable transport initiatives across the UK



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