Praise and testimonials. See what our many and varied clients have to say about HISTRIONICS.


The White Rose Awards, Carol Cheetham.

"A big thanks to you and your colleagues for bringing both venues for The White Rose Awards so vividly to life. We've got lots and lots of excited guests!"

Modeshift; Nick Butler, Vice Chair.

"The way that Histrionics weave the travel to school message into famous stories from history is ingenious. Histrionics deliver a totally unique and exceptional brand of entertainment. Nothing is ever too difficult for them when they are transforming the journey to school into an amazing adventure."

ITV at Emmerdale's 40th Birthday Party Event.

"We are all extremely happy with the fantastic entertainment provided by Histrionics. Everyone who saw the show enjoyed themselves immensely!"

David Moore: 2000AD

"David Eliot Cooper is compelling and believable and utterly committed to his roles. He captures the mood as deftly as he presents the richness of the period. Priceless!" 

Nicola Smith: Royal Armouries International

"Histrionics' armour fight was amazing, the best we've ever seen. The audience were captivated, cheering and booing their favourite knights during the performance; they loved it. "

Jonathan Gibson: Wakefield District Council

"By making the events innovative and fun and by involving such interesting characters, Histrionics really capture the children’s imagination. Perfect for any event! HISTRIONICS are quite simply magical... Five stars!"

Michael Molcher: The Sealed Knot

"David remains the most professional, knowledgeable and - importantly - entertaining performer we have ever worked with. His attention to detail and obvious passion create an infectious enthusiasm and his scripts are delivered with an intuative understanding of what makes an enthralling story."

Nina Cara-Collins: Living Streets

"The Performance was spot-on; just what we asked for. The event added value to our work, the pupils enjoyed it and it is certainly something we will do again."

Frank Riley: The National Firearms Centre

"The day went really well and the appearance of the good Rifleman was the icing on the couldn't have been more apt. Thank you again for helping us out at such short notice."

Louise Bragan: Wakefield Museum

"The evening was brilliant! The best ever, thank you! One of the most engaging pieces of theatre we've ever had at the museum."

Annie McNally: Head of St. Joseph's Primary School, Castleford.

"The workshops were excellent and the school assembly was hilarious! History made fun in a memorable and enjoyable package - 10 out of 10!"

Pat Kelleher: Author of the 'No Man's World' Series, speaking at The Fab Cafe Book Launch

"One of the highlights of the evening was the amazing Histrionics, whose recruiting officer almost had me signing up."

Joanne Rimmer: Kirklees Council.

"We thought the themed walks and assemblies were great and will be very happy to work with you again!"

C. Carter: Head of Newlands Primary School, Normanton.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Walking Bus, especially the Christmas Carol mini-play. It far exceeded our expectations and the children loved every minute of it, participating with enthusiasm and confidence."

N. Hodkinson: Well Green Primary School, Cheshire

"The drama activities were excellent! The staff and the children really enjoyed the visit and the assembly was brilliant, we wish we could start every day like that."

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