"Sincere thanks for bringing your style of entertainment to our day. Histrionics certainly add an entirely unique dimension ; we hope to work with you again in the future"  -Damian Gunn, East Riding Council

Discover what Histrionics' vast client base has to say about all our shows and presentations.


Events Feedback

NT - Dunham Massey

"Without a doubt, the highlight of our summer events calendar. Histrionics entertained families with humour filled theatre which reflects our propertys story. We will definitely book again"

K. Clayton, Visitor Events

The White Rose Awards

"A big thank you to you and all your colleagues for bringing both venues for the Yorkshire Tourist Awards so vividly to life; the guests were immensely excited and entertained"

C. Cheetham, Event Organiser

Wakefield Museums

"Some of the most engaging pieces of theatre and entertaining storytelling we've ever had at the museums. Hilarious and educational; absolutely brilliant; thank you"

L. Bragan, Museums Interpreter


The Royal Armouries

"Histrionics' Armour Fight was amazing, the best we've ever seen! The audience were captivated from start to finish, we've got lots of happy clients"

N. Smith, Sales Executive, Conference and Events


Education Feedback

Modeshift STARS

"The way that Histrionics weave the travel to school message into famous stories is ingenious.

A totally unique and exceptional brand of entertainment"

N. Butler, Modeshift STARS Awards Manager

St Joseph's, Castleford

"The workshops were excellent and the school assembly was hilarious.

History made memorable in a fun and engaging way"

A. McNally -Head of St Joseph's Primary School, West Yorks

Navigation Primary

"Thanks so much, Histrionics for an amazing Stone Age Workshop day. The children loved it, I wish we could get you in everyday for every topic"

A. Grady Y3 Teacher, Navigation Primary, Cheshire


Southampton Clean Air 

"Thank you for inspiring our children to live in a cleaner world! Kids won't want to miss this creative show.


My Journey Hampshire & The Clean Air Network


Promotions Feedback

ITV - Emmerdales Birthday

"We are all extremely happy with the high quality entertainment provided by Histrionics. A great (k)night, thank you.

Everyone who saw the show enjoyed themselves immensely!"

The Emmerdale Cast and Crew


Waterstones, Manchester

"Need a historical entertainment company to deliver dramatic, interactive events?

Book Histrionics, they are consumate professionals and HILARIOUS!"

P. Morris, Author & Event Host

Rebellion & 2000AD

"Histrionics are compelling, believable and utterly committed to their roles. They capture the mood as deftly as they prsent the richness of the period.


D. Moore, 2000AD 


BBC2 - The Hairy Builder

"Enormous thanks to you and the Histrionics team for your work on The Hairy Builder program. We were really excited to have you as a part of it bringing the story of the castle to life"

J. Booth, CPL Productions


"A big thank you to you and all your colleagues for bringing the White Rose Awards so vividly to life"  -Carol Cheetham

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