"The workshops were excellent and the school assembly was hilarious! 10 out of 10!" 

-St. Joseph's Primary School, Castleford.

Riveting shows, captivating workshops and winning walks through time full of fun, facts and fine adventure. Wield a real sword, dress as a pirate or play King Henry VIII Wife Swap, all in the comfort of your own school.

Our standard repetoire stretches from The Stone Age to The Second World War, with commissions and made to measure pieces also available. We write and deliver topic launches, history days and themed workshops on many themes.

There are full and half day packages on offer with pupils interacting in live games and performance; as well as handling objects from the period.

We are also proud to support Modeshift and Modeshift STARS, organisations at the very forefront of sustainable travel initiatives across the UK

Ongoing Projects

History Days

Histrionics create enthralling and iimmersive experiences for an entire school, Key Stage or Year Group. Using high-energy set pieces, humour and facts we can deliver workshops on the entire history curriculum and beyond!


Our trademark shows where pupil participation is encouraged. Individual volunteers or the entire audience join our actors on their journey into the past. Ideal for topic launches and special events like World Book Day.

Step Back In Time

We are enthusiastic about sustainable travel and the environment and as part of Modeshift STARS we offer walks to school and park and stride support with a vast range of familiar characters 

Themed Events

Clean Air Days, British Values and Park Trips get the Histrionics makeover as we create considered set-pieces to support an enormous variety of extra-curricular activities. Get in touch to see what we can do for you!

New Shows and Highlights

A History of British Values

Democracy, the law, equality, respect and liberty. Join Histrionics on a theatrical journey through time to examine knights, Kings, Queens, Suffragettes and Ancient Romans and discover how they helped shape our National Identity

The Great War 1914-18

Our actors and workshop leaders tell the tale of Private Sidney Lewis; the youngest soldier ever to join the soldiers fighting in The Great War, he was only 12! After the show there is the chance to get hands on with objects from the period

"The way that Histrionics weave the travel to school message into famous stories from history is ingenious. A totally unique and exceptional brand of entertainment." - Modeshift

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