"The way that Histrionics weave the travel to school message into famous stories from history is ingenious. A totally unique and exceptional brand of entertainment." - Modeshift

Histrionics offer enthralling and entertaining Education Programmes for Museums, Schools and Visitor Attractions.

Ongoing Projects

Workshop History Days

Histrionics create enthralling and immersive experiences for an entire school, Key Stage or Year Group. Using high-energy set pieces, humour and facts we can deliver 21 workshops on the entire history curriculum.

Assembly Shows

Our trademark shows where pupil participation is encouraged. Individual volunteers or the entire audience join our actors on their journey into the past. Ideal for topic launches and special events like World Book Day.

Education Programmes

We are enthusiastic about museum education. As such we are regularly asked to create and perform in compelling, dramatic narratives that support amazing collections and engage students and visitors.

Walks Through Time

Clean Air Days, Active Travel and Sustainable Activities get the Histrionics makeover. We're proud to perform over 60 environmentally friendly shows higlighting the importance of air quality, health and fitness

"The workshops were excellent and the school assembly was hilarious!"  -St. Joseph's Primary, Castleford.

Workshops Snapshot

A selection of our most popular topics

Stone Age Secrets

A dramatic journey through the discoveries of the Stone Age. Get hands on with a vast series of artefacts and replica handling objects.

Pepys Show

Famous diarist Samuel Pepys tells tales of the Great Fire of London; it's causes, how it was fought and the astonishing living conditions in 1666.  

Romans in Britain

Magnus puts pupils through their paces in preparation to join the Legions. Handle real armour and find out what the Romans did for us.

It's all Greek to Us

Ancient Greek storyteller and warrior Denutheus regails the class with tales of Troy, Sparta, Athens, Democracy and Greek arms and armour.

STARS Awards

Every year Histrionics host the Regional STARS awards for schools who have excelled in sustainable travel. We then host the Nationals in Parliament!

Pyramid Scheme

Howard Carter returns from history with interactive stories to impart about his experiences during the discovery of the Tomb of King Tutankhamun.

Alfred the Great?

Leofric the Scop tells tales of this legendary Anglo Saxon Monarch, who defeated the Vikings with warriors, reading and a letter writing campaign...

Royal Rumble

Crazy Kings and Queens and their unbeleivable antics throughout history are the subjects of this immersive and interactive workshop experience.

"The children learned a lot and didn't stop laughing. Entertaining, interactive and informative. Thanks!" 

-Edenthorpe Hall Primary, Doncaster.

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