"The workshops were excellent and the school assembly was hilarious!"  

-St. Joseph's Primary, Castleford.

Enthralling  Education Programmes for Museums, Schools and Visitor Attractions.

Sessions include live performance, interactive history and reproduction handling objects of the period.

History Days

Enthralling and immersive experiences for an entire school, Key Stage or Year Group. Using high-energy set pieces, humour and facts.

School Shows

Our trademark shows where pupil participation is encouraged. Ideal for topic launches and special events like World Book Day.

Education Projects

We are are regularly asked to create compelling, dramatic narratives that support gallery collections to engage students and visitors.

Walks In Time

Clean Air Days and Active Travel. We're proud to perform over 60 environmentally friendly shows higlighting the importance of health and fitness.

Standard Timelines Available For Education

Ancient Greeks

The Siege of Troy, Myths & Legends, Spartan Politics and  The Olympic Games.

Romans in Britain

Julius Caesar, Boudica's revolt, arms & armour and what the Romans did for us.

Saxons & Vikings

The Saxon Conquest, Alfred the Great, Gods and Monsters and a lasting influence on today.

The Normans

William the Conqueror, The Battle of Hastings and the Norman Legacy.

Mid Medieval

The Angevin Kings, Robin Hood, William Marshall and the Magna Carta

Knight Time

Real medieval armour showcase and the day in the life of a knioght in a castle!

The Tudors

The Battle of Bosworth, King Henry VIII wife swap and Elizabethan life.

English Civil War

Roundheads and Cavaliers, Parliament and the King, Castle sieges and subterfuge!


A history of pirates through the ages from the Romans to famed villains like Blackbeard.

Pepys Show

The Great Fire of London as told by famed diarist, gentleman and cheese enthusiast.

Explorers Aplenty

Howard Carter & King Tut's Tomb, Ernest Shackleton or environmental Charles Waterton

First World War

Stories from the Trenches on the Western Front and Gallipoli. Material handled sensitively.

Stone Age Heroes

Millions of years of pre-history in a single day with reproduction handling objects from the time.

Second World War

D-Day, VE Day and the war in Europe. Content assembled from first hand accounrts.

Chocolate Time

From South American jungle to Victorian invention, the history and stories of chocolate 

Law and Order

An interactive workshop on Crime and Punishment from the Saxons to the 19th century.

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"The children learned a lot and didn't stop laughing.

Entertaining, interactive and informative." 

-Edenthorpe Hall Primary, Doncaster.

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