"The workshops were excellent and the school assembly was hilarious! 10 out of 10!" - St Joseph's School, Castleford.

Riveting shows, captivating workshops and award winning walks through time full of fun, facts and adventure. Wield a real sword, dress as a pirate or play King Henry VIII Wife Swap in the comfort of your own school.

Our repertoire stretches from The Stone Age to World War II, with full or half day packages available

designed to meet your specifications. Pupils are able to interact in live games and performance

as well as handle objects and costume from the period.


Our list of workshop themes is below, but if there's anything you don't see,

please contact us as we deliver many made-to-measure sessions.



The Stone Age

Ancient Egypt

The Siege of Troy & Ancient Greece

Greek Myths and Legends

The Romans in Britain

Anglo-Saxon England

Viking Myths and Legend

Hastings & The Norman Invasion

The Magna Carta

King Arthur

St George & The Dragon

The Wars of the Roses

Christopher Columbus

The Tudors & Henry VIII

Shakespeare's Plays

Leonardo DaVinci

The Gunpowder Plot

The Great Fire of London


The Victorians

Sherlock Holmes

Charles Waterton

The First World War

The Second World War

Storytelling with Charles Dickens, Willy Wonka, Mr Stink or Bilbo Baggins


"The way that Histrionics weave the travel to school message into famous stories from history is ingenious. A totally unique and exceptional brand of entertainment." - Modeshift

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